Lovely bikini.

Lovely bikini I got from ebay two days ago.
Ready for the beach, yeah.
So cute.


Blue moon.

Some months ago, I made this gorgeous necklace, basically because I was a little bit bored (Obviously I'm not an artisan, but I can say that sometimes boredom is the "source" of cool things, like this).
It's made of  handmade fabric flowers and satin ribbons, it took me about 6 hours to finish it.
I think it works good with blue or white summer dresses (the one in the picture is a mullet dress by H&M) and also with a casual white t-shirt.
In a "blue mood".


Coral & beige obsession

Sorry for the absence, I'm always out of home in these days (at the swimpool most of the time, thanks to this beautiful weather) but I found the time to do shopping, obviously.
The dress is from a streetmarket, it was in sale, I like the simple cut and the straight line of this dress, easy to wear but elegant, it reminds me of 60's style.
Then, I found this gorgeous leather coral purse, and finally the cuff with the same colours of the dress. Everything coordinated. Now, I have to find the right shoes.