Lovely bikini.

Lovely bikini I got from ebay two days ago.
Ready for the beach, yeah.
So cute.


Blue moon.

Some months ago, I made this gorgeous necklace, basically because I was a little bit bored (Obviously I'm not an artisan, but I can say that sometimes boredom is the "source" of cool things, like this).
It's made of  handmade fabric flowers and satin ribbons, it took me about 6 hours to finish it.
I think it works good with blue or white summer dresses (the one in the picture is a mullet dress by H&M) and also with a casual white t-shirt.
In a "blue mood".


Coral & beige obsession

Sorry for the absence, I'm always out of home in these days (at the swimpool most of the time, thanks to this beautiful weather) but I found the time to do shopping, obviously.
The dress is from a streetmarket, it was in sale, I like the simple cut and the straight line of this dress, easy to wear but elegant, it reminds me of 60's style.
Then, I found this gorgeous leather coral purse, and finally the cuff with the same colours of the dress. Everything coordinated. Now, I have to find the right shoes.


Italy has begun a denim shorts plague.

Ok, it's pretty clear: It's really, really hot here now. Usually, I don't wear shorts.
I prefer long maxi dresses or long skirts, just because every girl here is wearing shorts.
Everywhere, everytime.
I have nothing against this kind of "shorts obsession" but let me say that sometimes it's a little bit boring, so I feel like I want something totally different from all the rest.
Anyway, It's so hot now, as I was saying.
AND SO, I think I'm going to surrender and wear my old (really old) denim shorts.

Denim shorts: Don't rememebr the brand 
Wedges: Francesco Milano
Earrings: Street market in Milan
Bag: Balenciaga (as always)
Bracialet: Vintage/ethnic market


Items of the week

1.Lancaster fresh milk sublime tan (spf 10): I think Lancaster is the only one to use this new "infrared technology". So curious about it.

2.B.B Cream by Garnier: I'm not very happy with this cream, I think it's great for dry skin, because it leaves your skin greasy.  But I don't have dry skin, so I think that unfortunately I can't use it (Many doubts about this cream: what do you think about it? Have you ever used it?)

3. This Balenciaga is my summer bag for about 4 years, I bought it during my trip to Paris and
I love it;

4. I got this pair of leather brown wedges at a very affordable price (40% discount); I like not only the colour (light brown, my favourite one) but I also like the fact that they are so comfortable and soft, even if they're quite high, and they work perfect with anything. Just love them.


Bye bye Winter

This pic was taken about one month ago;
I don't have much time to blog in this moment (thanks to my last exams) so sorry about that, hope to have more time in a few days.
Anyway, I love these boots.

Nude pink sweater: Calliope
Skinny jeans: Zara
Ankle boots: Primark
Bag (sorry for the bad quality of the pic): Fendi (from a vintage market in Florence)