Items of the week

1.Lancaster fresh milk sublime tan (spf 10): I think Lancaster is the only one to use this new "infrared technology". So curious about it.

2.B.B Cream by Garnier: I'm not very happy with this cream, I think it's great for dry skin, because it leaves your skin greasy.  But I don't have dry skin, so I think that unfortunately I can't use it (Many doubts about this cream: what do you think about it? Have you ever used it?)

3. This Balenciaga is my summer bag for about 4 years, I bought it during my trip to Paris and
I love it;

4. I got this pair of leather brown wedges at a very affordable price (40% discount); I like not only the colour (light brown, my favourite one) but I also like the fact that they are so comfortable and soft, even if they're quite high, and they work perfect with anything. Just love them.


  1. amazing post :)
    those shoes seem so comfortable!!


  2. Nice bag! Wish I had a Balenciaga to call my own. Mariam at Hoozdoo Beauty xx